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I found another lump of aluminum and made a drill guide to shoot some holes in my frame for RivNuts.

So, if the picture is legible, the aluminum block was slotted on the mill to sit atop my 2" wide frame rails. The four larger holes locate various size inserted steel drilling guides.
I drill a series of increasingly larger holes to assure better alignment.

The steel plate will be welded onto tubing that will be my firewall hoop or crossmember as it were . The elipse allows the tubing to be installed at an angle as a brace to the hoop.

The two small steel pieces weld to the frame to provide a wider foot print for the tube assembly. They're cut with a ball end mill to match the round corner of the frame rail with slotted bolt holes to allow for some misalignment if needed.

The little round things are RivNuts and the bolts are what I commonly call jet bolts - the kind used on hot sections of jet engines together.

RivNuts can be almost as strong in many applications, you just need a lot more of'em.
Sorry gents, I hope I gett'er attached this trip.


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