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exhaust coating


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What is the proven coating for exhaust headers and pipes ?
I tried heat paint and it lasted about 3 rides. Will a black powder coat stay on or is expensive ceramic needed ? Does one coat just the outside or inside too ? I'd like to not spend a bundle but improve on the flaking paint that I have.
I've used Jet Hot and also Sanderson Headers coated stuff and like both. The Jet Hot was done 20 years ago and still looks fairly presentable. No rust either, except just surface stuff down in the seams where water would lay.

I have ceramic coated headers and they look better now than when I put them on ( 500 miles ). My experence with them is they look better the more they are cleaned and used.
I had Sanderson Limefires with the Jet Hot coating on my T. When I had my exhaust pipes bent to fit the car I sent them off to Jet Hot and had them coated. They charged me $10 per foot for external coating plus shipping. I thought it was reasonable and I got the look I wanted. That was 10 years so it's probably a lot more expensive now. I got the new Eastwood catalog and they sell a ceramic coating now but I haven't looked into it yet to see what it's all about.
I've even seen cars where they had more than the manifolds done, stuff like suspension pieces and driveshafts. Looked great and supposedly easy to keep clean. Maybe this has been surpassed by powder coating nowadays, but the T bucket I saw looked nice.


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