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Fear This

Mike Davis

New Member
I'm Mike davis from Concord Ohio, To make a long story short I'm in the process of replacing my frame and suspension. The rebuild ( paint and upholstrery ) has turned into a nightmare. I'm learning things I have never done before, scared but excited. It's nice to read and see everything on this sight. Once I figure out how to add a picture I'll post a picture of my old 23T some of you may know it.

Welcome Mike, Did ya figure out the pics yet? :D
Welcome aboard, Mike. Don't get frustrated, chances are everyone here has run into a stumbling block or two. In my case, three or four!:D If you need help or advice, throw it out here and someone will probably know the answer from experience.

I look forward to seeing your T Bucket.
Hi Mike! Welcome to the forum. Glad you could join in the fun here. There is a lot of experience here. If you have any questions, I'm sure someone will have an answer. Hope you will also share your experiences.

Mike Davis said:
... I'm learning things I have never done before, scared but excited...

I was just going to rebuild the motor... well, one thing lead to another thing... you can check out my build site linked below... I've done so much stuff that I've never done before! I loved it! but it also was a path with many many challenges so post often and get options, it helped me out a lot during the build!
Thanks Bruce,
No not yet, I tried but no luck. The "fear this" is what is on the back of the car when I bought it. I'm going out to see if the spacers I made tonight are the right size to set my rotors in the right place. I'm trying to reuse all I can from the old bucket.
Mike Davis said:
...I hope I don't drive you all nuts with all my questions...

People here thrive on questions! No questions makes for a slow forum... nothing like logging in and seeing 40 or 50 new messages... that's a good day! :D

Oh yea... we thrive on pictures too! Below is a link to how to post pictures by Mike Super Moderator
Cool bucket ya got there. :lol:

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