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front suspension ?


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what i'm asking about is the frontend in this picture

it has the 2 springs, and the compression/friction shocks..

what is the actual reference name to this frontend setup
(semi-elliptical?).. i have a 4inch dropped axle, spring behind setup on my chassis right now, but i think this setup looks alot cleaner up front..

any place sell the springs and mounts? chrome springs would be nice..
It is called a QUARTER ELLIPTIC set up because you use only half of a semi elliptic spring. A semi elliptic spring is what was once a common suspension for the rear end. There were some early cars that also used a semi elliptic suspension in the front also.

I have this type of suspension on the front of my T and am very pleased with it. I was able to conceal the springs under the front frame rails for an uncluttered look. The friction shocks are the only thing that is visible and they are mounted parallel with the frame rail so that they are not readily noticed.
ouch thats pretty expensive.. might look into making some, if i decide to do the 1/4 elliptical setup..
I made mine. The axle that I used came out of my '37 Chevy when I decided to redo the car with a Mustang II suspension. I simply cut the two semi elliptic front springs in half and made my own quarter elliptic springs. It really is not rocket science, just a little common sense and using what you have. You can get some rear springs from a bone yard for very little money and make your own also.
My Son is using Posies Q-eliptic setup on the rear of his roadster pickup. Really a clean setup. I like the one on the car you pictured, very simple and clean too.

Here is Posies setup that he installed, it can be used front or rear.

I would honestly just buy the Posies kit. Its nice. If you make it on your own, you would need 2 springs to start with.
i was thinking some new trailer leafsprings thier like $25 each and then just cut them.. brackets would be easy to make..

dont know yet, need to get the truck out of the garage and get it to the paint shop so i can start on the bucket again..
The one I did, I used 2 Model A front springs I found at a swap meet. I think I had $40 in them. It's an easy set up to build.

The rest of that front end is; '37 to '40 dropped axle. bones and spindles '40 brakes.

the springs greatly effect ride quality and handling. Unless you run the proper weight calcs per a springs thickness, arc, number of leafs and amount of tension built into it you could be in for a nightmare if you use any old spring off something else. You also need to factor in the weight and balance of the car. Posies does all the math and even as frugal as I am I would go to them just to make sure it was right.

example, I used a model T rear spring and hairpins on my bucket. Just this winter I had to redo the whole back half of the car because the hemi would cause the slicks to go into an uncontrollable shake when I launched it hard. So I had to switch to adjustable coil overs and my own design of a 3 link. If I would have done it per my initial plan instead if te cheap way out it would have caost about half as much and saved me about 35 hours.


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