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Getting Started,,,,,,,,,,,


New Member
Hi All,,, Getting parts together to build my first "T". So far I have a complete front Axle with all the steer gear, Rear end and buggy spring, Motor trans combo and a head full of ideas. I started out building a scrap rod truck so I could hall my Dog with in the back. Then I started thinking,,,, Open Air Cab. Well,,, You know how it gos.
So,, I'll snooping around and asking allot of questions from all of you in the next coming months. So far I'm really Keyed up about doing this and really like this sight. Thanks for having me aboard.
This is what I'm starting with. The Dog's ready to go,,,,,.
Now that is an awesome pile of parts good luck. post pics as you progress.
It looks like you're off to a good start, what kind of dog do you have?

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