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GM Brake compatibility


Hey guys,

I am trying to find out if the front brake calipers off a early '70's GM x-body and an early '70's GM a-body will swap.

I have a speedway kit to adapt GM intermediate to my '37-'41 ford spindles. A friend indicaed that "He" thought that they would interchange. And it would be nice as i imagine that the x-body pistons are smaller.


I believe '74 to '77 Nova (X body?) and '74 to '77 Cutlass (A body?) are interchangeable. In '74 GM went with this universal caliper and then downsized in '78 with the 'metric' caliper. Basically you need to be aware of intermediate or metric when shopping for a kit. Hope I didn't confuse you.
If memory serves me correctly, the "X" body was the Citation.

The Citation was actually, but i was referring to the RWD, Third Gen X-Bodies, Nova, Chevy II, Ventura, etc.

So the calipers are interchangeable from the "Third Gen" x-bodies and the same year A-bodies? Did the A-body calipers have bigger pistons to go along with the bigger (12" vs. 11") rotors?

Anybody know for sure?
Which kit do you have? Speedway makes 3 different kits using a 11" rotor for different calipers that will work for your spindles. One uses the 69-72 rotor with 69-77 caliper. The others use a 73-77 rotor with a 78-88 metric caliper or a 69-77 caliper.
theres also a adapter set up for econoline spindles to use the 69-72 calipers. they are manual calipers..

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