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Got a little paint on it


I got a little paint on the frame and suspension it's blue,no it's purple just depends on how you look at it, and a good friend of mine gave me the Tru spokes and tires paint/?albumview=slideshow
Very nice really like your slide show, waiting on parts from RPM should be here in two weeks + then I start puttin things togeather will post pics.
I really like your color choice, it's looking good.
That's really looking nice. :wstupid:
I'm trying to figure out what setup to use for the rear axle in my T (a 27 Tudor is the plan) so.. if you don't mind.. I have a few questions.
These are NOT criticisms!
I see that you have oriented the top eye of the shock 90 degrees to the frame. I'm accustomed to seeing them running parallel to the frame. Would that not put a lot of stress on the shocks with side-to-side movement of the axle? The panhard bar can't eliminate all movement, right? Or are you going to be running a Watts link?
I also see you have the shocks at 90 degrees instead of the "common" 20/70 degrees. What is the reasoning there(other than to get the most efficiency from the shock)?
What shocks are you using? Did you make or buy the spring caps? I'm thinking about using standard shocks and converting them to coil-over. Money isn't flowing well so make-em-as-you-go is how mone is going.
Again.. I am NOT being negative... just trying to understand before I start mine. If you have addressed these questions elsewhere please say so. No need to retype everything.
Thanks a bunch,
Looks really sweet! I couldn't help but notice your rearend setup. Can you give some details?
Ya.. I'm green with envy.
I hope to get mine to that stage this winter.
I may not get there but it's fun "working" on it. :)

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