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Got a little welding done ALL WEEKEND!

Got most of the frame done on my 23 Willy's overland (or whatever it is), just need to sort out the suspension yet. Can't wait for the chassis to be done already!

Lookin good!! You gonna notchthe rails at the rear crossmember?? Are those them bends from Horton??

Yes, I have to figure out the notch when I get the suspension set. I saw the pre-fab bends and went to buy them. I was under the impression they were already assembled, but they are not. So I decided to make my own from 1/4" plate. I have $33.00 in all eight bends rather than $48.00 per bend. I figured I'd have to weld all together anyway. It did take me most of four hours to cut and dress eight pieces though.
It's not hard to make them and your time isn't hard on the build fund. You obviously have the talent and equipment to do it. They look great. If you look in the tech threads you'll find a write up on modifying an 'A' spring for use in a T bucket. Might be of some help.

Got the new chassis mocked up this weekend. Not moving along super fast yet, must need to put in an order for parts or something. Still working with what I have so far. I'm not too fond of the fuel tank either.


Wow .. you're moving right along!! The tank don't look bad. You can dress it up some when you go to final paint with a number or stripping on the ends. Mounting your tail light or lights on top of the rails would help too.

What are you using for the headlight stands?

They were given to me with the car along with the radiator, fuel tank, and headlights. He said they were swap meet from a tractor. About time for me to get the battery box and floor made up. I just couldn't resist mocking up the headlight location. I have the front sitting on the suspension, but haven't decided what to do with the rear yet. I was thinking of doing a four bar, but I have hairpins already. Problem with the hairpins the way I have the car is the body would have to be hacked away where they would have to go.
This is getting wayyyyyy to cool:cool:
Got a back seat - seat back from a 73 Camaro in it, looks like it might work out. I'm digging real deep in my stash of leftover misfit parts to get this one mocked up.
:thumbsup: Sweet
I ran into the same problem on a '31 pickup i did. Here's the 4bar/'A' rear spring i used on it.


With the way you have the frame just forward of the kick, it should be easy to fab. Keep the bars as long as you can.

That looks good, I thought about going with an A spring instead of coilovers since I installed the original rear crossmember. I still haven't started figuring out the rear setup, I'll get a head of steam on it soon.
A little update, been working on the front and rear suspension forever. Think I have a plan and halfway whooped. Going with a fourbar to mimick two long radius rods - not yet ordered the bushing bar ends though. Got the front set up, but need to order a reverse front spring - broke mine trying to re-arch it backwards on the press. Probably needed to get a new one anyway. Just dropped off templates to a buddy's shop to have brake bracket made for the model A pedals I bought. Plus he's cutting out four-bar brackets, driveshaft hoops, and fuel tank saddles. Also scored a grille shell, A rear spring, and a T tank. That should keep me busy for a while anyway.



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