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Great buy

I agree Ron. Sure, it needs completely redone, but the basics look pretty solid, and you couldn't duplicate it for the money. Only thing I see is his is in the toilet. Not sure what that is all about.:eek:

But I looked at the pictures a lot, and everything seems usable.

Looks like he got one negative feedback out of 20 transactions, and that knocked to feedback rating down. All transactions where as a buyer. Maybe his first time at selling. That really would be a great start for someone, but I would wonder about how he plans to ship all of that.
It looks to me as if someone bought a project and has now given up on it. To my thinking, it's a hell of a deal. Even if you were to clean things up and set it together to sell.I wouldn't worry about his feed back. If I were seriously thinking of buying, I would have someone go look at it first and then go from there.


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