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Headlight wiring


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I have a mystery, and was wondering if anybody can solve it.
I wired up my headlights (convential round with hi/lo beams) and floor dimmer switch. The lights come on when I pull the switch, but when I click the dimmer swich to Hi beam the lights go out. I tried switching the wires, but then the lights work on Hi beam and go out on low beams. Any ideas what I've done wrong.
I bought a dimmer switch that was bad once, Drove me nuts tell I checked the new dimmer with an ohm meter. I had already had half the dash wiring out before I checked the dimmer.
Are you sure that the switch is wired correctly? the "hot" wire from the light switch should be on the middle terminal and the hi on one side and the low on the other side.

If you have an ohm meter or a continuity checker, do as Duke suggested, and check the switch. In case you do not know how to check it out, disconnect the "hot" wire and place one lead on that center terminal. Place the other lead on one of the other terminals and see if you have continuity. If not, the depress the button and you should have continuity. Repeat the same procedure on the other terminal.

My face is red. Thank ya'll for the advice and well taken. I got a little ahead of myself. I naturally assumed a wiring problem, since I just finished the job, I figured I made a mistake somewhere. One headlight burned out when I pulled the switch and the other would not work on hi beam. I replaced both lights last night, and what do you know, both work fine! This wiring stuff can make you nuts!
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