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Hello from Macon Georgia....


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I've been surfing this sight for a while, but have just recently signed on. I've enjoyed a wealth of info already from days of reading posts. Addicting......I've already made a post under the build section "high speed t front end" and have already received a lot of help. (Thanks Mr. Ron) I saw my first bucket when I was knee high to a june-bug, and swore one day I would have me one. I've already taken a lot of advise that I've read on here, and look forward to reading a lot more from you guys.....thanks in advance....
Welcome to the group baddawg, I envy your location, my bucket is in the back of the garage under a cover in -8 degree weather right now.
Welcome! Mr Ron is one of the best on here. When he talks, I pay attention.
Ron(s) have it!

Ron the "Youngster" is one hell of a fabricator, and extremely generous with this knowledge...

Ron of "RPM" fame is also another gifted fabricator and a really good guy... gets bonus points for being willing to build my front axle to my specifications... but better!

Ron - builder of NasT and NasT II - Set the bar so high with those two cars I can't even see it anymore!

If I've overlooked one, I apologize!

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