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Hello from south Georgia


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Glad to find this forum as I have just purchased a stillborn T project. Hopefully it will be in my shop sometime this week.
I have been working on cars and motorcycles for most of my 60 years, so I am confident I'll put this thing together right and have been planning a 6 month build thatwill probably stretch out a bit more.
Anyway, I'll be checking out this site frequently as I get along in the build.
Welcome to the site! Glad to have you here. Lot's good ol' boys from down that way on here. You just joined an awesome extended family. Got oics yet?


Be sure and check the :hooray: I'm sure it says you have to post pictures of your ride and progress shots too! :D

Get yourself a T-shirt while they are still available! :dance:

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I am in Franklin NC just north about 3 hours. I have only been a member a few weeks but still have seen a lot of info. I hope you enjoy the site I do.
:lol: Werewolf. This site is a great resource.

How close to the SC/GA border are you?

I just received the T bucket today. Hopefully, I have uploaded some of the photos correctly. The photos are taken in the P.O.'s garage. I built a pretty nice 48'x28' shop to work in. First priority is to disassemble and take care of the scary drag link and steering arm. About 4" off the pavement and has to bumpsteer like crazy. I've driven it a total of 40' of driveway into the garage. I'll remove the trip deuces and put on the 177 Hampton blower from my previous street rod. Oh yeah, probably give real serious thought to front brakes.
I live in Eastman, GA; not exactly the nerve center of T bucket activity, but a lot of the guys around here are Shiverlay fans, so i should come across some pretty sweet deals on engine parts.
Nice project!! Is that color "Plum Crazy"? I don't think the ol' double nickle like the new kid. Looks kinda pissed off!

I was thinking the same thing on the color. Nice looking bucket, is it a Total Performance chassis?

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