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Found your web forum yesterday and I'm excited to get started reading. I first became interested in T buckets in the 70's as a teenager. Now with my kids being grown and schooled, I'm planning my project finally. I've got a ton of questions but plan on reading up a bit before spouting a bunch of questions. I'm up here in Washington state.

Welcome and it good to know that you'll finally have the time to get going. Please don't be shy about asking questions, There are nothing but great people here and tons of knowledge. There are NO dumb questions! Trust me. I've asked quite a lot.

There are a few members from your neck of the woods. I'm sure they'll drop you a line soon. Again, welcome!:lol:
Welcome to the site. Questions? did he say questions? Oh boy.....

Welcome Steve, :lol: questions are good so people around here can use their answers. :cool:
:toast:,,From Texas
:toast::beer:Welcome from the big DETROIT MI.
Thanks for the warm welcome folks.
A little about myself, I'm down in Gig Harbor (west of Tacoma). I frequent Bremerton and Pacific raceways, time permitting. I play around with Lightning pickups, both generations, but ready to start researching the new project. My neighbor and good friend is just finishing up his Hurricane Cobra replica and we just got back from the Cobra meet in Sparks Nevada last week and my fuse is lit again to get going on a fun project.

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