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Hello to all,
My name is Mitch and I'm in the Air Force, stationed in San Antonio, Texas. I'm originally from up around Dallas, Texas. I've been in the Air Force for 16 years. I had a '23 T back in 1998 but had to sell it :cry: due to getting orders to Germany. Now I'm looking to get me another one :pray:. I'm looking for something that is not far from being road worthy. If anyone has any good leads please let me know. You can e-mail me at

Thanks and I look forward to a lot of good reading and learning of new things to do to a T. :rock:
LumenAl said:
Rainman! :rock:

At first with that handle I thought you were from here in Seattle! Keep your eyes open, someone is always posting something for sale somewhere... Good luck and please accept my application for your service to our country!

No, I'm born and raised in Texas. My last name being Raney (pronounced rainy) is how I got my nickname. It came about on a TDY in Saudi Arabia. And I appreciate your support for what I do. I must say it is my pleasure.....
:rock: I'm from the North Tx area myself (Wylie) but am currently displaced in East Tx.

I've seen some on Craigslist lately....keep your eyes open, they are out there....Hey..maybe you'll be able to find one before the Galveston Run in September...
Welcome Mitch :rock:

There usually is some on Ebay. I know were there is a 27 dodge metal body on a 27 dodge frame with a big hemi in it, but it is done and road tested. The guy wants $25,000 looks like a T-Bucket and goes like you know what through a goose.
Thanks for your service Mitch! I have a daughter in the Air Force also (stationed at Hill, UT). There are some sweet deals to be found on e-bay (got mine there) and Cars On Line could be a good source.


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