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Hi everyone great to be here.I live in Australia,own a 26 T with hot 8ba in it .Im not crash hot on computers being an old fart,;):) im retired,owned a speedshop/eng machine shop,dyno, etc since 60,s ,and enjoy playing with my "toys" hope to fit in here
regards Dave:lol:
Welcome aboard, mate! Great folks here. Very friendly and accommodating. We have a rule, though... we need to see photos of your hot rod!!
Welcome, this is a great site. Your pics are very nice, I also have a 26T. Is yours glass or metal? Again welcome and great pics.
Ooops, sorry mate! Didn't see the linkage to your photos. That's a very nice hot rod. Classic to the max. Love the flattie and the three Stroms.
Really nice bucket We also accept pics of other rides you own like the ones in your garage. Like I have said before getting in some buckets is like putting a marshmallow in a piggy bank.:lol:
Welcome to the site.There is quite a few retirees on here. Nothing wrong with being retired....You have A nice car..........:lol:
wow what a great site on here 5 minutes and you guys are so welcoming :lol: thankyou all
I was a bit wary of putting other cars on here ;):)(also dont like pumping my own tyres:eek::lol:
thanks again to everyone
Welcome Dave :lol: very nice ride :)
Very nice T you have there. The other rides in your "stable" look to be as interesting. I also like your expression, "I don't like to pump my own tyres." Over here we usually say, "we don't like blowing our own horn" but the meaning is the same.

Thanks Bruce and Jim also...I am slowly looking over all the cars on here boy oh boy talk about a kid in a lolly shop ;):D:D
we are doing another at the moment its a 53 4 door customline ,I bought it off ebay ,one owner :)
As I bought it below hope you dont mind me posting pic:eek:

Welcome to the site Dave. Great lil car. Showing your other cars isn't so much pumping tires as it is giving ideas to someone here on the site. I already have questions for you.


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