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Holly Carb Problem


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We have a Holley 600 cfm model 4160 carb on a Chevy 350. Am having a problem with gas leaking into the secondarys after the engine is shut down. Bought a kit and replaced everything in it to no avail. I am stumped with this one. This thing has an eletric fuel pump running about 6 lbs and until the pressure guage reads 0 the problem persists. Any ideas???
I had the same setup on my T and I had the same problem. I had a Holley pump. I put a fuel pressure regulator in line and adjusted it until the problem went away. Check out Speedway #720-5857, their Chrome Universal Fuel Regulator. That's the one I used.......Steve
you need to run a regulator. electric fuel pumps have a tendancy to surge and when it comes to fuel pressure your dealing with 1-2 psi and most gauges arent accurate enough. I run a Holley red pump and a Holley regulator. I have fill problems like yours at 4 psi (pump on, engine running) but at 3 psi it's fine.
vadatara said:
Thanks for the quick reply. It does have a regulator in line, I will play with that and see what happens
i have run into this several times it ended up being a problem with the secondary needle valve.i have learned to put some vasoline or grease on the 0 ring before installing the valve assembly .i was damaging the 0 ring and fuel was bypassing the valve and over filling the didn't feel like any damage was done but sure enough when i pulled the assembly out there was a small tear in the 0 ring.put on a new 0 ring and checked the hole for any burrs put a little grease on the ring and put it back in and the problem was solved.Dan
Thanks to all for the info. I got the pressure down to 2 1/2 lbs before the problem was finally solved. Next, the choke :cry:

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