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Todd, that is by far the best article I have ever seen on the subject. Thanks for posting it, I have bookmarked it because every once in a while I forget what I once knew about these and have to go digging around for info.

The Chevy spindle thing is really confusing. I have an axle under my Dodge truck that was setup for Chevy spindles, so I started looking at ones on Ebay. Twice I bought what were supposed to be '49-54 CAR spindles, but both times they ended up being TRUCK spindles, which won't work. They looked so much like one another I just screwed up..........expensive lesson. I finally got wise and found a set of the correct ones and they are on the truck now.

Thanks again, very good article.

Todd thanks for that article I have seen front axles for sale but didnt know what spindles that would work with them this will help a lot.:welcome:... Francis
Great post Todd. Lots of folks will be referencing that one. The Speedway catalog has a good quick reference cube in it too. I cut one out of an old catalog for the shop.

I second, third, forth, whatever that motion! I went one step farther and copied each page image to my hard drive, just in case it disappears.

Should we sticky this info?

I stumbled across it while doing a stealth recon mission through the HAMB and thought it was good for us.

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