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Inserting a photo


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I want to start a new post. I've noticed that many folks are using Photobucket to add a photo to a post.
Can't I just copy and paste from my desktop or or upload a file or add an image from the choices above?
Do I have to use Photobucket?


You don't have to use Photobucket. You can use any host to store your photos. There are lots of free ones out there. I never had any luck uploading straight from my computer.
Unlike other websites this site has no option to store a photo.
So you are left with linking a photo from some other website.
I don't personally like the user agreements on those photo websites, if you read through the fine print it basically says if you upload a picture or file they now own the rights to that file and can distribute it at their free will.
There was a case in point not long ago that a picture of a good looking girl was posted at one of those dating sites.. the relatives of the deceased girl had to fight to get it taken down.
The company had purchased the photo from one of those photo websites, the girl had been deceased for years.
I prefer to have my own web host, I need a website anyway, and for $3 a month it comes in pretty damn handy and includes a domain name so I get my own e-mail address @ my own domain.
And my pictures, albeit on the internet and usable are still my property and I can prove it.
When you take your photos, save them to your desktop or some place on your computer you can remember. When replying to a post or starting a new post, there are 3 options on the bottom of the new post area.; post reply, upload a photo or more options.
Click on "upload a file", choose a photo, you will see the photo appear as a thumb nail. Choose thumbnail or full image and hit "post reply:.
That's it.


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Well maybe different people have different permissions.
My options at the bottom are "Watch this thread" already checked, and "receive email notifications" already checked.
Nothing else on the bottom.
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Ok, think that I got it now. Took a couple of tries for me.


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Is there an admin that can chime in on this ... do you have to be a "Supporting Member" or something to get rights to upload a file ?
Its there on mine but I still cant get pics to upload. I did everything Neshkoro said and still cant get it to work. I even tried on two different computers at two different locations.
It took me a few tries to get the photo to show up, but persistence paid off.


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Personally, I still think that Photobucket is the best. I especially like the large pictures that it displays so that you can see details much better. IMHO


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