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Looking for motor mounts


I'm looking for a motor mount as pictured.Speedway is the only place that I find it but they are backorded for 3 weeks.I have called Jegs and Summit with negative results. The original is a Hurst cradle mount from the 60's and they're going for $175 buy it now on ebay. Does anyone out there know who may have it for a big block 454 chevy?
Those were used in the '55-57 style motor mounts when the rear mount was on the bellhousing. Using them when the rear mount is on the trans tailhousing opens you up to a bunch of problems. As the BBC motor was not around then, I doubt you will find one to fit a BBC. I suggest you use the side mounts to be safe.
The problem is that you have to run a mid mount with that front mount. A mount right at the back of the block or on the bellhousing. A 55-57 bellhousing had them and I don't know of any others. Or you could use a racecar style mid mount which is a piece of sheet metal bolted between the bell housing and the block.

If you run that mount you pictured and just a trans mount it will break the bellhousing.
I have a flame cutting pattern for making the old Hurst style motor mount for the front of a small block Chevy. I don't remember if there is a difference in the bolt patterns between the big and small blocks on the front holes or not. This one measures 9-1/8" horizontally and 1-5/8" vertically for the bolt hole centers. The tabs for each side are for a 16" spacing on the frame mount holes.

If it will help, I can burn the parts and weld one up and get it out in a day or two. If there is a difference in the holes and it is not too great, i can include the other set of holes in the pattern and punch them that way. PM me if you are interested.


I don't think that this style motor mount puts much more load on the bell housing than side mount do. Maybe a little more percentage of motor weight due to the farther forward positioning of the mount but within an acceptable amount. What got people in trouble was trying to use the bell housing mount with solid transmission mounts. With a frame that doesn't provide much torsional stiffness, they twisted and broke transmission cases.
Thanks GAB however I can make the mount myself,it's just a time thing.
Thanks for the info on the mid mount,I think I'll run front,mid and trans mounts just to make sure.
i built a bucket with a 396/400 in it. best advice i can give here is to use the side mounts and rear trans mount. that area of the chassis can get real busy real quick especially if you run your alt. down there

I agree with Ron on this, It's so busy under the frame that adding the front, mid and trans mount may not leave you enought room for someething like the steering box. The side mounts are way too easy to make not to use. Some 1/4 to 5/16 plate two slots and weld them on and your done. But as always this is just my opinion. Also, and it may in relation on the amount of power the car has but the trans can break the bellhousing without a mid mount. Been there done that.


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