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Manual Emergency brake install

Blue Bucket

New Member
I have the manual emergency brake and have not made up my mind on the best location. I have purchased the Lokar cables with the equalizer. Some tell me to locate the handle along the front of the seat but appears to me to be putting a rather sharp bend in the cable. The other position I sort of like is next to the body on the drivers side and running for and aft but that appears to have to be mounted between the body and the frame rail. Got any good suggestions to help me out?
If you use a unit like the Vega, for example, mounted crosswise in front of the seat, use a cable for the handle, around a pulley to the yoke. I like to hide some things like the headlight switch, ignition switch,etc. in the seat riser and if I'm not care full with the layout, it's hard to get at them with the brake on.


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