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My ProjecTee

I caught one day of good weather yesterday . SO........I installed my rack & pinion steering assembly. Today i'm back into stormy weather (several days are scheduled for more rain). I regressed to one of my other hobbies to keep from going stir crazy. The hobby or craft is called BEADING. Here's a few photos : DSCN1549.JPG DSCN1550.JPG DSCN1551.JPG DSCN1552.JPG This beats being BORED STIFF !!. LOL !!
At 10:00 minutes in the video he get in and out of the TBucket.
I'm going to hinge the back part of the roof. The sides of the roof have to be angled to work with the action of the hinge. An early british style panel will be used (will sit on top of the door). I'll try to get a photo to help explain my intentions.
That guy with the quad turbo T had the hinge go straight up then tilt Back. I think I figured how he did it so I may use it on my project.
Here's an idea i'm toying with :DSCN1575.JPG This will involve the installation of a British sports car style window curtain. Also , a british sports car style door.
Whew! You're a better man than I, DR. I wouldn't have the patience. I'd be too eager to get my T on the road! (That's why it took me over 10 years to get mine done!!!)

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