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My ProjecTee

Sounds good ORF. If the hinge i'm using doesn't work out ; i'll make a bee line to my nearest welding supply store.
My roof hinge is functioning pretty good. I'll take some photos after the next rainstorms pass. Looks like Thursday and Friday (3-30-23 & 3-31-23).
Just my two cents worth : I value the opinions of my fellow car builders ( whether good or bad) they have hands on experience, We are all participants in the same genre. I ignore the comments & criticisms of non - builders. A non-builder has nothing but individual likes & dislikes to base his or her criticism or compliments on. JMTCW.
Still working on my roof hinge I'm trying to eliminate excessive body flex. I'm making an x shaped brace. I'm using 1" x 3" pine to make a form I will glass over the form then separate the finished fiberglass from the form. I'll glass the finished fiberglass x shaped piece to the inside of the body. The x shaped piece will be glassed between the verticals of the lower hinge.
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The hinge pins allignments were in a bind. That was corrected. Now i have less body flex. I'm still going to install the "X" brace. Because it's already made. LOL !! The "X" brace was made before i discovered the binding hinge pins. OOPS !!
Started working on my new roof hinges today (4-20-23). I took my 2 steps to Geiger Machine shop to have then modified. I want them to fit closer to the body. Supposed to pick them up on 5-5-23 @ noon. I have my project up on 4 ramps right now. I have some welding & cutting to do. I need to change my th350 to the 700R4 (which i purchased rebuilt a few months ago). I also have a 2100 stall speed converter for the 700R4. I need to add 2 more pieces to the rack n pinion steering system. I also need to remove ( with a plasma cutter) the current Vega steering box mount.

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