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My rust bucket reborn.


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Rust bucket :lol::lol::lol: but on a serious note this is my body which I think is a 26-28 pickup, from the frame on the back and flat back on the body. But if any one knows are has any info please post it. It is really not that bad to be a 80 years old body some rust around the rocker area. One bad dent on the cowl and dash is bent and a few bullet holes.:eek:



You got a '26-'27 there, very cool. You can go with either a turtle deck, pickup box or modified. As Youngster told me yesterday, "you got alot of options with a '26-7"
here you have a '26 or '27 body. Henry used the same bucket for both the roadster and the pick up. If you build a channeled car, you wont need the sub frame behind the body or that little curved panel on the back of the body. Trim the panel off the body and cut the sub frame even with the bottom of the back panel. Now put the part of the sub frame on E-bay, sit back and watch the bid come in. Yours is nice and should bring some good cash. If you're going to build a hiboy start looking now for the turtle deck. They come up often but they are pricey. A pickup box will be more reasonable but watch for rust along the sides. Used tail gates are always dented and twisted. Speedway sells a good one cheaper than the vintage parts houses. There are patch panels avalible for the cowl, quarter and rocker. The cowl and quarters are easy to make but I would suggest buying the rocker under the door.

Guess that'll do it for now. Got questions post them here or PM me.

You can get them from Howel. I don't know if theyhave a web site but you can find them on e-bay all the time.

Ron, do you have patterns for the cowl and quarters?
Yup....Well sort of. I took several contour patterns off of a stock roadster quarter panel. I just shape them by hand and check as I go. On a good day, I can do a roadster quarter patch in 3 to 4 hours. The cowl panel is basically a flat panel with an offset for the firewall lip. Same with the touring center panel. I just bought a steel '24 body in pieces from Oklahoma. I was surprised to find the contours on the quarters where pretty much the same as the '27's. i just need to adjust the spacing of the contours.

You guys know where around my area I can find some one to dip my body. With all the surface rust and spots you can not get to I thought it would the best way to ready for body work. I know of Metal Rehab that is in Texas but I need someone closer Atlanta, Knoxville, Charlotte.

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