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New Guy from Vegas

Vegas T

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hello all,
This is a great site for a guy like me who has many questions. I can see some of you guys really know your stuff and this will be helpful to a guy like me who is full of questions. My first is due to the summer heat in Vegas, I have been told an electric fan will cool my engine better than the flex fan I currently have. Just changed the coolant and it took exactly 2 gallons. The radiator looks to be fairly small (not sure how many cores) and the mator is a crate 350. can you tell me if the electric fan will be better than the flex fan? Any info will help.
We don't have the temps here in Minnesota like you do in Vegas, but I would think the electric fan would work better for the cool down. Maybe Vegasbruce will come in here with some words of wisdom.

I put a 180 stat in it and seem to run about 195 (if the autometer guage is accurate) when driving and after sitting for a few minutes i traffic she climbs to 210 to 220. I have plans to check the radiator temp with a lazer guage to see if it is really 195. I don't have a hole lot of trust in the autometer guages as my gas guage said 3/8 of a tank right befroe she died on me. Thank go for friends to bail you out as I wasn't about to leave it sitting on the side of the road. Is there any other way to verify the true temp and possibly fix the gas guage?
Welcome Vegas T :) hey somebody else from Vegas. Actually I'm in Henderson. Nice to meet ya. :D OK I'll go post in your fan thread now. :cry:
Welcome to the boards! I am going to Vegas on July 9th! Maybe I will see your T bucket around. haha just kidding.
Nice bucket, I haven't seen this one around here.

Nice touch i have never seen a full size windershield laid back like that.Match's the top quite nicely.
Buck here is a get together next Sat. I'm going to check it out. :cool:

Cars and Coffee Las Vegas

Shawn I'd say look me up when your in town, but I'll be in Texas that week. :D
Welcome from fellow nevadan in reno.
I just made plans yesterday to spend a week in vegas the first week of november.

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