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new guy


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hi i'm new to this site so here it goes. i'm building a t-bucket project myself. sm bl chevy, trans, with alot parts to go with it been fun so far. i guess i got some flack about not mentioning where i'm from. i live in leesburg florida.i had by project for about 2 yrs now. still looking for parts thanks cary
Welcome to the site. There is a wealth of info here for you. Got a question....ask it, I guarantee someone will have an answer. Where are you from. Ya got any pics? We like pics!

First off... let me say...


You may have noticed in the :rulz: that you are required to post pictures of your build as you progress and have to ask lots of questions so you give us guys something to talk about! :lol:

Look forward to seeing your project and like the Youngster said... there is a wealth of information here from some really knoledgable folks!
Where in middle florida are you at?
:D,,,Best place on the net for information on building a T-Bucket,,enjoy
i live leesburg fl. i'm still trying to figure this picture stuff out. my bother inlaw is a computer geek he is going to show me how to do it
Cary, was good to talk to you today. Checks in the mail. Kick back and enjoy yourself here.:lol:

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