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New southern Minnesota T-Bucket builder


New Member
Greetings everyone. My name is Bill Childs and this is my 1st post on the T-Bucket forum. I'm a member of the NTBA and the MNTZ in Minnesota. My build is totally in pieces right now as I am in the process of prepping the glass body for paint. I'm going to do my own paint job using a turbine HVLP system (Burgundy metallic with a clear). I have a grand total of 600 miles on my T. I built it from the frame up.

More to follow later.
Hey Bill. This site is way to classy for a guy like you....LOL
Gonna be warm tomorrow so I spect you will be glassing...???
Welcome to the forum Bill.
welcome to the site bill.....owatonna here....feel free to contrubute when you feel the urge..

where you been chuck? hows the rebuild coming?

You guys are slipping!
:) And since no one brought up pictures.........
The :rulz: clearly state that pictures are a must. Trust me :liar: its there.

Welcome Bill.
Like Todd said sweep that into a pile if nessessery and snap us a pic.:)
How's Chuck's rebuild coming? LOL!!! You wanna tell 'em Chuck or shall I? Chuck's rebuild is happenin' about the same speed as my cleaning my shop up so's I can find my bucket-T.

Oh yeah, gonna warm up over there in the morrow? Can I come over there...we "might" get up to 28 degrees by Sunday. Oh heck, break out the t-shirts, shorts and flip flops!!

Welcome Bill and ya know, I kin git ya some bigger mirrors for your bucket ifin ya want some. :)

Luggy :)
Hey Bill!
Glad to see your surviving the winter. I looked at the T this morning and contemplated a quick ride then changed my mind. Will see how warm it is in the shop when I get home. Yuor still a member of the southern minnesota Tz? I was giving dave a hard time about that a couple weeks ago on the phone... Later!! Paul aka butterfinger
norseman said:
Later!! Paul aka butterfinger

Butterfinger? Is there a funny story behind this or an embarassing one?
Back in the old days when the ntba was cool I was logging in for the very first time. I couldnt come up with a handle in a hurry but there was a butterfinger candy bar on my desk right in front of me. So I used that figuring Id switch on a later date and never did..

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