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im new to the bucket forum, but by looking thru the ads i can see it is a friendly area. Im currently in the middle of building a rat rod for a late 20's touring body and original frame. Im a tolmaker by trade and built the front axle, radius rods, clevisis, and all brackets myself. i close to putting it together except for a few parts. My biggest missing link is the fronmt spindles, im looking for ford(cheap). Any help would be greatful.
Thanks fellow rodders
welcome!! got pictures?? so ya gonna sell the rat and build a t-bucket? could build a drop dead looking t-bucket outa that touring body too!!

Welcome tmiller :D In case nobody has asked yet, you got any pics? :lol:
Welcome: I think we could put up with a tub here one the site if you want to stick around for awhile.:D
Welcome to the site This is my 500th post been here almost a year.:D

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