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Pick em up bed

dave kreis

New Member
Has anyone used a bed made by mas the speedway 20" is actually about 14-17 inches and not the true 20" a stated i need a minuim of 22" deos anyone else make a larger bed mas has the 30"
Not sure where you"re taking the measurement, but CCR's 20" bed is 21" inside front to back. Outside from where it meets the body on the side is about 24".
Old Dogs was offering a 40" bed for a while but I don't know if they are still in business.

I need it to be from the center so i will go to ccr my tank and nitrous bottle are ten inches in dia so its going to be tight
Dave, call Corbin Rods in Valdosta, Ga. #229-740-1501. He makes a 28 inch and a 48inch, or he can probably make you whatever length you need:D
As soon as you said "nitrous" You lost me, I can't get myself to help you hurt yourself.... a very none needed thing with ANY T Bucket, they are waaay over powered already, for any standard built street T Bucket chassis... CCR does make a good 20" bed... Good luck.. :sly:

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