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I thought that perhaps you all might like to see what we WERE planning to build. We planned to modify the mold for my car and add a steel bed in place of the turtle deck. We planned on building it for my son, Rob, but he decided that he really liked his Harleys better.

So here is the "photochopped" version of what might have been.


very cool it lots!!!!!!!

The length of the bed was to be approximately 32".


Man of Man... makes no sense to me... I ride and love my Harley, but lets be real... anyone can go buy if if ya got the down... building one of these with dad? You can't buy that... If I knew your son, I'd have to have a chat with the young one and give him a "wats'a mader U"... :lol:
I'm willing to bet that you would have done a very nice job on it.....but I like the turtle deck better :lol:
Damn! Harley's are nice, but it is alot harder to fall off a T bucket.
Ex Junk,

You've got a wonderful eye for laying things out. I just love the lines and proportions of that thing.

Well I dont know.. I hung my foot on the side a did a perfect face plant in the driveway .. bounced up looked around to see if anyone watching ,, nothing but a bruised ego,,LOL
I would think on the dismount all things are even.
you just Photo shopped my build !!I know where you can get that RPU bucket with doors in glass and no PU bed attached
I'll bite, where?
Mike in ep
David, that picture was a "hack" job that my son, Chuck, made very quickly. He superimposed it over a progress build picture of my car. My car has a wheelbase of 109".
Here is a profile shot of my finished car for you to compare.


Thanks Jim!

I really like the way you lay things out, and I'm trying to figure out a nice length for the wishbones I'm trying to build. So I'm using the image your son Chuck made in Photoshop as a sort of guide for proportions, which of course is based on your ride!

Take care,

jmr122848 said:
I'll bite, where?
Mike in ep
For anyone interested you can buy a 27 bucket body with 2 doors and a separate bed from
Atlantic Coast Customs
339 Market street
Warren R.I.02885
1-401-247-00649(This number may have changed)I lost the guys cell #
I bought the 27 Body with 2 doors with inner and outer halves
chopped 32 grill shell
trans cover
and 36 inch pick up bed for 800$ last summer
This guy supplied bodies to Total performance but not this particular one.When I bought my body he would not sell me anything he supplied to Total but with their closing he might. He also builds lots of other glass items I picked up my body so no shipping or crating was involved .I think the guy is very good to deal with and since he is the Manufacturer he can tell you anything about the product.the only complaint I have is the "Ford "on the tail gate is "faded" for lack of a better way to say it or kind of warn off?I have seen other glass tail gates since buying mine with much sharper lettering I'm planning on Frenching my lisense plate into the center of my tail gate so you won't see this on the finished car anyway.Here are pics of my body ignore the fat bald guy:)


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