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pics from my build

Believe it or not... Harbor Freight.. It's a One ton.
Does anyone make GOOD castors for such equipment? I hate the steel ones, they are a pita to maneuver with weight on them. I swapped a set of hard rubber wrapped steel ones onto one of my hoist and they are better but still not great. I would like to find some really good quality ones for both of my hoists. From my experience, my hoist that folds up is less maneuverable than the fixed leg one. The extra wheels in the middle seem to be at odds with the other four when trying to move it around. I like the space saving feature and would not be able to have it in my current shop if it did not fold up. They take up too much real estate. Good job and nice progress on your bucket! Keep up the good work.
This one has steel castors. But it rolls free. I have no issues with it. Should be getting the exhaust on by middle of next week.

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