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pics from my build

I'm new here, just found your build thread. I love it! I'm building a t with 4 wheel independent suspension, a 250 Chevy six with 3 carbs, 4 or 5 speed tranny (manual). The fact that you went your way regardless of what others said is great! I also saw a lot of support with the uniqueness of your build. Keep it going!
Got one side of the nerf bar on. Cowl roll bar is in. Steering shaft is hooked up. Firewall is cut for third time. Still just tack welding everything for now until I am sure of its placement. Nine inch rear end has been obtained. Still thinking about the rear suspension. Will probably go with 4- link.


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Looking good! All that chassis rigidity will come in handy when the torque of that big six kicks in. :sneaky::D
That's got to feel really good, another milestone!!!
Nice work! Glad to see your progress. :D:thumbsup: Now . . . ya gotta put a nasty cam in that thing. That bad-boy needs a wicked idle! :rolleyes::p

Thanks, that front nose piece is from an old Allis Chalmers tractor.... It was a lot longer, I cut it down and sectioned it.

the tractor radiator shell idea is a clever one that doesn't always work in practice but the one you chose, plus your alterations, is a success imo.

a buddy of mie has a couple of 50s (i think) era ford tractors and sometimes i think about snatching the one off his parts machine. might be too small but it's handsome looking.

great engine choice too sir.
I was thinking of your build the other day. A guy had a three deuce setup for a I6 advertised on marketplace. I’m pretty sure it was a gm manifold, but cool.
I just stumbled across this thread, and read it all. I love all the homemade parts, and ideas on this car. That’s what makes a car a real Hot Rod to me. I got my body from Street Rod Fab also. Any progress to report lately? I know sometimes life gets in the way......
You Ed " big daddy " Roth fat fink decal makes we think you may be a senior citizen. Like some of us fellow members.

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