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Power Brakes

Mike O.

New Member
I am in the planning stages right now and trying to put together a list of parts and have a few questions.

1. Are power brakes really needed?
2. What does a finished bucket with a small block weigh? Close is fine.
3. What are the options for a emergency brake? I see the one Total has, are there any others?

Mike O.
Are power brakes needed. - No, but they sure make it nice and not hard to install.
What does a bucket weight. - I would say 1800 to 2000 pounds, most likly closer to 1800 and around 2000 with the driver.
As for an E-brake. - If you are using drum brakes on the rear, you can use the standard drum brake e-brake set up with a Lokar handle and cables or any similiar brand.
I am sure others will jump in here and have more info for ya. Look in my Photo Gallery there is a picture of the power brake set-up and the e-brake setup.
Mike O
Lots of good information and experience on here so hope you get started on the build soon!
I have a Total car with a 350/350 combo that weighs in at 1620 with a full tank of gas, ten gallons. No paint or upholstry yet though so that will add some.

my T weight is 1960lbs with a full tank of gas 10gal. 350ci with 700r4 i do not feel that power brakes are needed but that is me.
I've never used or considered power brakes on my hot rods. I don't even do disc brakes because they are too modern for the look I go for and make too much brake dust IMO. My '27 weighed in at about 2200 and with '40 Ford brakes and Buick drums it stopped fine. My '23 has the same setup and does great too with very little pedal pressure.


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