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Rat Rod


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I have just joined your forum and am the proud owner of a '26 Ford Roaster Pickup with a shortened bed. It is powered by a Chevy 409 and is in a "Rat Rod" state of condition with regard to body work and paint (or lack thereof). I am seriously considering leaving it in "as is" condition. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Welcome to the site. Your car looks great to me. If it's safe and you like it you won't have any complaints from these guys. We like a wide range of cars here.
welsome aboard---rods is looking good---no reason to change unless you want to--a t or any rod has only to please its owner--and nothing wrong with a 409
That looks great! That ain't no rat rod. Looks like a work of art in progress to me. Thats what the old hot rods looked like that I remember from back in the 50s.

So Cool.

welcome to the site by the way.
Looks cool Just remember safety is job one.
Welcome to the site. If that's your idea of a rat rod, you'll find lots of company here. Like those cool Study hubcaps too!!

Nice RPU :cool: welcome :lol:
ok, I'd say you've been pretty well recieved so how about some more pics.....

People say to me all the time "Cool Rat Rod"

I reply, "Its not a rat rod, I know how to weld"

"rat rod" IMHO is a doragatory comment.
Safe! Ha, I've known this guy for 42 years and safe was never in his vocabulary. Danger is his middle name. Glad to see you here b-danger-geer.

I've been wondering what rat rod meant. As an old scooter tramp I understood rat bike. Now that you have straightened me out everything is clear. I will for sure finish mine as a rat ride. That babe is sweet! I hope I can round up some extra cash with this new vision... VERY NICE, Welcom

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