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Rear springs in a Jaguar IRS

Hi, Ive been through the threads looking for the answer to "what coilovers do you fit to a Jag IRS in a bucket?"

And I didnt find a definitive answer, except to confirm that the original Jag ones are way too tough for a light bucket.

Some seem to have used just a pair of the original Jag ones, some suggest using a quartet of Harley bike ones.

So what gives a real nice ride and still looks good?


QA1 shocks work great once you know the weight of the ass end you can figure out the spring rate.
there are a number of things to consider when picking out you coils such as the ride hiegth and the angle of the shocks. most suppliers will let you exchange the coils if you have to make adjustments.

The stock Jag springs will work great, just remember leverage, what I have been talking about all along, by moving the top spring mounts closer to the center of your chassis, you get a much softer ride, and if you are going to use only 1 set, I would mount them to the front of the axle, more leverage again... Just play with them you will find a good point, for a completed car with all the weight that you will be driving with, so if you plan on taking a friend, add that much weight, plus your weight to the seats, when working on the springs, also then you will see how many shims it will take to have your tires run true and flat. They (the tires) will only be totally correct at one weight. Just watch most any car with a Jag rear, and you will see this for yourself.

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