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SB vs EC


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I am getting ready to buy my front axle. The two companies I am looking at are Super Bell and Chassis Engineering.
The difference between the two is obvious: cast vs. forged. I read that the Super Bell axles are heat treated which makes them stronger. I fail to believe that. I have worked many years pouring cast iron and never heard of reheating the iron. The alloy content of the ductile iron is what makes it stronger.
But, nevertheless, should I even be concerned with the quality of how the Super Bell's are cast? Or, is it a mute point? Is there break point past anything I should concern myself with in a T bucket?
I'll say this for Chassis Engineering, they are a company that REALLY stands behind everything that they sell. I can say this from personal experience. They treated me with the utmost respect and courtesy and made everything right. We need more companies like Chassis Engineering.


I'm with you on cast versus forged front axles. I realize that the Super Bell cast axles have been around for a long time but a forged axle is the stonger of the two choices. EX JUNK is correct about Chassis Engineering being a great company to deal with. Now one other thing. I have heard from a good source that there have been some delays in forged axles from Chassis Engineering and I assume the problem is with the forging company. If you run into delay problems you might want to contact SoCal Speed. I just saw a new ad for their new forged I-beam axles. They show to be the same widths as the Chassis Engineering axle. One other point that may or may not make a difference to you. I do not know their forging source. Lots of forgings are coming out of Korea, India and our favorite, China. To me it would make a big difference as in:

I hope this helps you out.

Super bell and So-cal are the same guys Pete Chapouris. Pete and jakes
Does anyone know if Chassis Engineering outsourced their forging overseas? If so, I know which one I will go with.
I beams have that neat old look, but too hard to get a tight turning radius out of them, as being so narrow and the spring boss so close to the king pin boss, just me here, that is why I use tube axles, get the width you really want, and set every mount where you also want it... :cry:
We have three cars using Superbells, and one with Chassis Engineering. I see no real difference other than the CI one weighs a little more..........but it is a 46 Ford axle, so maybe that entered into the weight. No problems whatsoever with the SB axles. Our cars are so light that I'm sure the strength factor of either is way more than it needs to be. I also don't think SoCal would use something that wasn't top shelf...........they impress me as being pretty quality conscience.

:wall:Geez, the confusion. Heck, if I can get Ron to set me up with a spring over axle setup I would just go with him.
I believe that all you have to do is contact Ron and he'll fix you up with whatever you want. You can be sure of the quality coming from Ron as I think that QUALITY is his middle name.

T-Buckeye; Does anyone know if Chassis Engineering outsourced their forging overseas? If so, I know which one I will go with.

Chassis Engineering axles are forged and machined in the USA.

King Pin Centers: 48.5"
Spring Perch Centers: 36.5"

Dimensions are taken from their original forging drawings.

If you want an I-Beam axle then you can't go wrong with the Chassis Engineering model. Hpoe this helps you in your decision.

Most of the axles available are around 48". Since Ted brought of the concern of turning radius to the conversation...
Would not extending the axle by a few inches outside of the batwings allow for the wheels to turn more and tightening my turning radius? If so, then I would go with an widened tube axle on front. If I can find one:shifty:.
Stan, from your other posts i would go with the SB or CE axle. Either one wil give you the service you want in a T bucket. Don's a great example of both axles used in this application.

Ron, since you know my application and your vast knowledge...I will go with one of the two. Most likely CE.Thanks.
T-Buckeye; Ron, since you know my application and your vast knowledge...I will go with one of the two. Most likely CE.Thanks.

OK, one more choice to make your brain hurt. These axles do look good and according to the sales pitch, they allow a tighter turning radius. I don't know where they are forged and that might not be an issue with you. I just don't care to support a foreign government backed company. It's just personal so don't let me influence your choice. Give them a call and let them sell you! Now, I think I'll go take a BC Powder.


SO-CAL Speed Shop Forged I-Beam Front Axle
Ok, here's the deal. Super Bell is ownd by Pete & Jake's. Pete and Jake's is owned by Jerry Stower. So-cal is owned by Pete Chapouris, formerly of Pete and Jakes. The axle sold by So-cal is their version of the Super Bell axle. Many of So-cals part are off shore made. I don't know if the axle is but it wouldn't surprise me.

If they are selling parts made in the USA Ted, I will be at the front of a very short line to appologize.


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