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I recently aquired a T-Bucket with full steel fenders and wondered if anyone has ever seen a kit like this before and who produced it? A photo can be seen in my album.
The car was completed in 1975 and titled in Ohio as an assembled 75 Roadster. It has a small block chevy engine and auto trans out of a 68 chevy of somekind. It also has a ford rearend and all around drum brakes.
Wow. Very unique T. I'm still trying to think of how I feel about it. I like it but I can't figure out what has drawn me to it. Could you post more pictures so that I could steal some ideas from it? I'm wanting to combine the rat rod and old skool look into my next one and you have a lot of that look there. A very cool and , as I said, a very unique T

The fenders look like somebody probably had them made at a sheet metal fab shop and were not part of a kit but I could be way off base there..........Steve
I don't recall having ever seen a 'kit' for a car with fenders. I'm not a big fan of the T fenders. Ihave seen a T with A fenders on it that didn't look to bad. I'd be interested in seeing any changes you make in this T. It definately has possibilites.

I may be putting this one on the market soon because my wife hates it. I think the fenders were part of a kit because of the way they are formed. I will try to put somemore pic out as soon as I can.
I'd be willing to bet this was not a kit... If it fits right, I'd say someone did a good job building it.

Kinda neat seeing a bucket with a useable bed on it. Pull the fenders and have fun.

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