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Seat build


Starting to build my seat, wanting to have the bottom hinge forward to access the electrics below. Just concerned about what issues conforming the foam where the bottom and back meet, and not having a gap in that area on top of it. Anyone have any tips or tricks?
Yeah thanks, that is the set up I had.....just thought it might be easier to have the seat fold forward.
Perhaps this might help in getting you idea realized. You can modify it to suit your needs by making the bottom tilt forward.
EX JUNK's Seat Construction

Ex Junk,
Thanks I saw your interior previously......beautifully done. I issue is where the back and seat meet the cushion clearance, as generally one (the back) sits over the bottom. In order to make it hinged they almost just have to meet, going to be tricky....starting to play around with it this weekend. All else fails, I'll go with what I had previously like Old round fart suggested, so it is removable.
My seat bottom is removable. All I have to do is lift on the front of the seat and it pops free of the two pins holding it in place. If I had wanted to mount my distribution panel on the floor I could have very easily cut an access hole in the aluminum framework of the seat.

The seat is taking shape......The upholstery will be the same material as on the side panels. You can see a scallop design in both pictures that will be the red color. Those clear plastic pieces are just patterns. Those will be wrapped and face sewed/ top stitched to the grey.

Ok gents here is the finished product......By all means not perfect, but, it will get me through the year. Let me tell you, upholstery is not something you want to tackle unless you know what the f^&*( you are doing!


Comment please......not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but, for a first time better than expected.
Thanks is the project coming? I have been absent from the forum for a few days and need to get caught up....busy time of the year.
You have done a fine job on your upholstery. For some reason, to me, it has a batman theme to it. Maybe it is the mushrooms I ate while mowing today.;)
That looks real good ! I'm so confident in my abilities I am going with Kirkey Vintage Seats (if I ever get my order that is, lol)
After seeing the foam under that sharp upholstery, I am sure my 240 lbs would soak up nicely. Super job!

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