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Spindle mount disc brake kit


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has anyone purchased the wintec spindle mount disc brake kit for ford? I did, and did not get all of the parts. Can anyone provide the dimensions of the spacers that are supposed to go in the bracket that the caliper bolts mount to? Also did your caliper bracket fit speedway spindles? Did it fit any spindles? If so, what type spindles do you have? Mine won't fit speedway spindles and there are no disclosures on the site that states what brand spindles it will fit other than 37-41 ford. I am re posting this question because for some reason the previous one disappeared that I posted on the wintec forum, which I thought was the proper place to post it. Sorry for the duplicate, not sure why my previous one along with the replies vanished, but I am looking for an answer so I can try to use the parts that bought. I did also send a message to the vendor.
Can't help you with the brakes not fitting. However your post is still on the Wintec forum, don't know why you could not find it.
Thanks for the reply, if it's still there, my bad, sorry for the duplicate post. I did look and didn't see it. I also since got a reply from Jim, not what I needed, but a reply all the same, perhaps we can work it out.
I did get a reply from Jim relating to the missing parts. He is to send them to me. Still on my own with regards to the bracket not fitting. I guess I will grind it so it fits and clear coat the part where the chrome will be missing. It won't be in direct view, but I don't like having to do that to chrome parts, it negates the point. My advice if you elect to try those parts is don't order chrome. It takes too long to get and if you have an issue as I have, it will make you say really bad things! Seems ridiculous to me that they won't fit, but if that's the worst issue, no biggie. Darned chrome! Life sure used to be simple when we could actually get stuff done in this country, like chrome!

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