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Spirit windshield frame width...

Could someone tell me what the outside width of the windshield frame should be? Spirits web sight says 38 5/8ths, but I don't know if this it the outside width of the frame, or the width of the glass....... RPM did a nice job of milling some 7/8" rod for me and I don't want to mess it up :D
i have always use a stock windshield frame which are 39". when i get the glass cut, i have it cut 38-3/8". it's a little small but is but mine in silicone with 1/8" spacers on both ends and the bottom.

Spirit uses Total Performance's windshield set-up. I just measured mine and it's 38-5/8ths for the width of the glass.
I have Spirit 2 piece frame. Traditional style which came from Total Performance. The outside measurement of frame is 39 5/8". The height is 10'. Inside the frame measures 38 5/8' wide. the height is 9 3/8". Channel width is 3/8". The channel depth is 3/16". I had glass cut to 38 3/16 x 9 1/4. Hope this helps.

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