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Thank's T FEVER,Don's Rods,Steering???


I first off I wanna thankd Fred,and Don for turning me on to this site. I just picked up a 23 Speedway body and a Spring behind 4"drop tube alxe set up to run 49-54 Chev Spindles.. My question is what is the best way to go as far as steering box set-up, I want the steering wheel to set pretty much like a regular steering set-up,not the typical T vertical style, is this poss. with a Vega, or Corvair and with out a Cowl Steering, not opposed to cowl steering if someone can point me in the right direction on this..Thank's Ryan
I have a spirit body and a vega steering box. I also have tilt steering that go's through the firewall. Very nice setup. I believe if you go to my gallery you will see what I'm talking about. Enjoy your build.

Actually only the old school (60's and 70's) cars for the most part have the vertical steering popular back then... although I retained mine cause I like it... if you look and most of the T's being built today, that have more standard car like steering columns... as for the setup, you're starting from scratch so you can do a cross steering setup if you like (suggest 4 link with panhard par) usually with a Vega box or more common T approach with the typical steering link attached to upper steering arm on the driver side spindle often with a revered corvair box. I've seen pictures where some guys have setup a rack and pinion setup as well...

As with any general statement, there are always exceptions to the rule... RPM has Corvair boxes and would be a great person to talk to about how to approach your setup.
My axle is a hairpin, spring behind, 4"drop, tube, set up with 49-54 chev spindle's..So it look's like I have to go with the traditional set up or am I wrong on thinking this, will cross steering work with a spring behind chev spindle hair pin set-up?I also was wanting to run this with out a tilt wheel column, but maybe with a quick release hub more of a race car style set up..So I guess with all the helpful tip's hint's and know-how that you guys have, is there a way to make a cheap column that will preform well, as well as look decent?? And with this set up is a reversed Corvair box the way to go?? I know its a lot of questions but this will be the first time I am completely building a steering set-up, I want it safe and reliable of course, and like every body here I am on a budget for this build..By the way I am really blown away by the caliber of builds going on in this site.. I have spent most of the day reading up on the builds going on here...
I'm running A 4 link setup spring behind, Chevy spindles and a Corviar box. I can snap some pics if you want to see it.
I gotta go get fitted for a Tux. I post up some pics when I get home later.
Glad ya made it LRS! I'm running a corvair box and a conventional setup (angled column), but this being my first build, I really can't compare it to anyother setup. I'm sure the other guys advice will help you though.
guess i'm the odd one here, running a corvair box with cowl steering.
i've got a '27 which has alot more cowl area.everything will be covered with the dash.
A basic column is easy enough to build. When you start adding turn signals, horns, ignition wsitches, etc. is when they become complicated. At that point you would do good to look for an OEM column. As for the type of box, I gotta go with a 'vair.
I used a piece of 2" aluminum conduit, two bearings, a double "D" steering rod and a quick wheel disconnect from Speedway to make mt column. Cheap, clean and trick.
OK here are a couple of pics. Corvair Box and steering angle.
Yep, glad to see you made it over here too. :lol:

As for steering, I'm running a Flaming River reversed Corvair box in my T, in the way you describe. I mounted it in front of my firewall and ran the column on a normal passenger car angle.

Here are some pictures of it


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