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Uneven braking


I bought this T from a guy in Arizona last month who didn't know much mechanically.

I had taken the wheels off to grease the wheel bearings couple days ago and removed calipers to inspect them and smear a coat of silicone grease on back of pads to stop chatter. Noticed semi metallic pads (the kind that eat rotors).

Now just yesterday the front driver's side caliper is starting to get real "grabby" and it tends to brake much more than other brakes and tire locks up and squeels.

10 days ago I replaced the master cylinder and re-bleed all the brakes.

I have the 2 psi check valve on the front lines and the 10 psi check on the rear lines.

Question 1: Is there anything other than bad caliper pistons that can cause this one wheel to be acting like this ?

Question 2: Can anybody identify the b rand of these calipers, polished aluminum.

Question 3: Do I get the caliper pistons rebuilt - - or do I source a new caliper ?


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Robert, those calipers are early, forged Dynalights, from Wilwood. I would assume you can get rebuild kits from them still.
The Brake kit, with our caliper mount plates, looks like ones we were building in the early to mid 90's. We stopped welding arms on spindles long before that so I can't say if those were done by CCR.
If it were me, I would start by taking the calipers apart and inspecting the O-Rings and Pistons because of the age of the parts. If you do need to replace them for some reason the new calipers from Wilwood will fit on the same bracket.
Good luck,
Uh...didn't get any grease on front of pads or rotors, I hope? Any trace could cause grabbing. And shop dust can do it too. I had grabbing for days after I filled the garage with fiberglass dust. Now I move the car out to do any 'glass work.

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