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using corvette rear assembly


New Member
I have a C4 vette that I have been thinking about tearing it down to use
all the suspension parts for my T bucket project. This being my
first, I would just like to hear if I should do this or just throw coilovers
on.... I will take all the feedback you can give me on this.

pro vs cons

Very good choice with the 'Vette you can control the ride much easier with it than the coil overs.Plus you'll corner much smoother.Now do you have another one?LOLI would go 100% with the 'Vette.Plus it lookes so much better.
You will need brackets to mount it also you might have to shorten the drive shafts.I'll get in touch with a few people and they can hook you up.Mickey for one at the NTBA would know for sure what you need to do.
Thanks Rick for the help...(I'm going to need it):lol:

just don't tell anyone its my first build...opps I think already screwed that one up.

my t bucket needs some guiding ... Lead and guide me please!

Years ago I helped with a chassis that had a '65 'vette rear end in it. They tried to use the 'vete spring and were having all kinds of problems. It was finally converted to coil overs. It took some fabrication, but the end result was an awesome riding and handling car.

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