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V8 column drop brackets for sale - order yours now !

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$15 for the flat bracket in bare steel
-these are great if you want to design your own final mounting style
-OR if you want to use the brackets as hairpin stiffeners,

if used as hairpin stiffeners, you can get a 5" tall stiffener out of one of these brackets (will require a spotweld in the upper bolt hole

$20 for the bracket w/ tabs bent into place, and if you can specify an angle, i can also bend them @ the base of the "v8" for easier fitment between the column and dash the dash (shown below)

brackets will be cleaned of any scale or rough edges before being shipped

and ill even split the shipping w/ ya too

place your orders, so i can place mine :soapbox:
please specify 1.75" column opening or 2" opening

use the 1.75" opening style if you intend to make hairpin stiffeners out of them

I'll take 2 ofthe flat ones. PM me with payment details. Dose this make me your first customer?

Lowroller. My pieces came to set up my steering shaft! So, now I need the column to arrive from Total P, so that I can see the length I'll need for you column support. The column should get to me Monday, then I'll send you my info and order a little "soul" for my T Bucket.:laff:
Lowrollerchevy said:
all but 2 are now spoken for.

after those 2, these wont be back for a while.

Lowroller, I'm still interested. I spent most of my budget for the first of the month, but I'll be placing an order for one in a couple weeks. I don't expect you to hold it, I just wanted you to know I have not forgotten you. If those two sell, I'll catch them the next go round.
Nice Lowroller :D
Lowroller! Those look killer! Please send me a PM with payment details. I plan to put it on a credit card. I need a flat one.
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