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Well Thanks a Lot Ron Pope!


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Thanks to you and your fast service I now have to quit making excuses and get my carcus back to work. Parts arrived this afternoon and are excellent. Very good work and very good price. Looks like you spent to much time in packaging. More wrapping in that box then Santa's goody bag at Christmas. Thanks. I'll be in touch.


Yeh, I should have known a guy wouldn't have gone to that much trouble. Thank her for me. Bet the Post Office was suprised when they picked it up!

I'm curious as to what you are making there.
log cradle for a fire place ??????
Actually it is part of a clamping assembly that goes in a frame fixture. When I get it finished I'll post some pictures if it works. Most of the fixture is designed in Auto Cad and some of it will be designed on the fly. Even then I think it will be a work in progress.


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