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What kind of fittings are they?


I found the paperwork that came with my T from Speedway. Says metric caliper 7/16 - 20. 1/8" NPT fitting feels loose. any idea what it is? also, Master cylinder from Ron has 2 size fittings. any idea what those are?
Verel, you said that you wanted to use AN fittings when we last spoke. If the sizes that Ron gave you are correct, and I assume that they are, then you will need 1/2"-20 IFM - AN 3 male and 9/16"-18 IFM - AN 3 male for the master cylinder. Speedway handles both these fittings. They also have the 7/16"-24 IFM - AN 3 male for the calipers.

OK, the rear disc brake wheel cylinder is suposed to be off a 98 mustang. It has a lever for emergency brakes also. with caliper and thread guage I get a 3/8 - 18. Does that make since to anyone as I can't find in my speedway cat. I can do a pic if needed this weekend.

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