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Wheel studs

Purchased 4 piston Dynalite disc brake for 49-54 Chevy spindles. Also purchased new speedway spindles and ET gasser 15" wheels, all from Speedway. Used the tech Hot Line to be sure all parts are compatible.
The Willwood hubs came with extra long wheel studs. After assembling the hubs / rotorsI mounted the wheels and found out the wheel studs are about 1 1/2 inches to long. I think my options are:
1. Disassembly hubs and get shorter wheel studs - hate to do this, red loctite @ 77 ft lbs plus the rotor and adapter plate with red loctite
2. Wheel spacer
3. Longer lug nuts like you see on NRA cars.
Theses are going on my 23 t.

Any opinions on which way to go ?

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