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Wiring LED indicators


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I want to run three mini LEDs for turn indicators and high beam indicator. Do I need to run a resistor in the line to not burn them out? Can anyone help me figure what rsistor is needed?
Thats what I am doing too, be interested to see what people have to say. I found some that look like chrome bolts with the LED's in them, look pretty cool. It will be a couple of months before I am ready to put them in - if the kremlins don't hide them that is :lol:
Hey guys. I am new to the forums and fairly new to the T-Bucket community. I noticed something that I could shed a little light on...

For wiring up 1.2V - 1.5V LED's which are the typical ones you find at Radio Shack or any electronics supply house, you will want to solder a 2.2K resistor (red, red, red) in series with one of the tangs on the LED. At 12V that should run your LED's at a decent brightness. If you want brighter, decrease the resistance. If you want dimmer, increase the resistance. Also, a 1/4 watt resistor is plenty good enough to handle the very low current that LED's draw.

What danbo said will work fine or if you don't want to go that way Speedway has some . Their's are already set up for 12vdc and have short pigtails. I am using green ones for turn signal indicators on the dash and they work good.

Pinto parts. Pinto's with heated back windows had a mini led on the dash to remind you it was on... 12 V are there any pinto's in the bone yards?.,
Go to this site read the first page , at the bottom click on page 2. Then when u understand the terms click on use the led calculator. Use 12 volt as the source voltage. Then the normal or max voltage of your led. If current is not known use 20
LED center Why do I need a resistor with an LED?
Could I hook the ground side of all the LED's into one Resistor?
The only problem I have with my led's is how bright they are at night. I have the super bright . Dont recommend these.
Run your leds through a n/c contact on a 12 v relay at source voltage during the day then when you turn your headlights on close the relay with the headlight switch and drive the led through the n/o contact with a fixed or adjustable resistor to drop the intensity down.
I have three LED's in my dash, 2 greens for turn indicators and 1 orange for brights. Mine look like chrome bolts with LED's in the center. What I have found is I need to put a resistor in the Orange circuit. When the brights are on the orange light hits me right between the eyes. Way to bright, need to tone it down. Future reference for others, that bright light indicator gets really bright at night. :hooray:
Duke said:
Thats what I am doing too, be interested to see what people have to say. I found some that look like chrome bolts with the LED's in them................

I put them in my car they work good.I got them from Speedway Motors.:)

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