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27 T something

scott haley

3 years dreaming
donor car fully running 1995 thunderbird 4.6
build own body and frame
to make a 27 t ish sedan body with 33" long 1920 ish model A on the back
I don't want any rake in my frame
car has been in this frame engine setup for a year looking at it

axle and spring added 2 months agoIMG_0684a 102018.jpg IMG_0683a 102018.jpg 27 t rod.jpg
im building the body close to the above open roof
I redid a ‘82 scrambler cj8. Rust bucket... I too made floors, rockers, mounts... if I ever do another, I’ll buy a fiberglass tub. Mine had a blown up 4 cylinder.. I replaced it with a 327 5 speed, 4:56 gears... it was a hand full.
rain keep me from buying my frame steel today
now I have to wait til after new years
man I hate winter when I build something

I did paint my front shocks and the RPM radius rods
I painted the front brake calipers, rotors hats, steering arms, etc
I do have a question and statements

we have a car show in june every year in my town
I put my jeep in it..
but when I am finished with the 27 t something, and take it to this car show and others
what would a good name/description be

when I have the front end like I have it, the body like the pic from the brown sedan, and add a model a bed chopped down to about 33 inches
after all that
I don't know what it would be called
it would not be a t bucket
it could be a t truck
what do yall think it would be called

27 t something just is NOT the right answer
Why not call it a '27 Ranchero . . . .

The Ranchero was Ford's version of the El Camino, essentially a car with a pickup bed . . .

The word would turn a lot of heads, and it's a pretty apt description, even if 40 years ahead of time
built frame
have to do some clean up
but no quit finished frame welding
the painted parts is the color of the frame when I paint it
also the bed that im going to shorten to go above my rearbed nutouched.jpg frame 1.jpg frame2.jpg frame3.jpg painted supension parts.jpg
P1010035.JPG P1010036.JPG

engine and trans mounted to frame

P1010037.JPG P1010038.JPG P1010040.JPG P1010041.JPG P1010042.JPG
yes it is the IRS MN12 from the tbird with no changes
I hope I can hide some of the irs from view with tires and bed

rear upper control arm inner bushing was bad
I have to press the new on in

175lbs eibach springs.... need to build upper spring mount
the spring mount will sit just under the frame above rear

ford 4.6 with aode trans
im using most of the t-birds wiring harness....
gonna keep it ford fuel injected.. runs good

while the motor was in the wood frame way at the top, I connected all of the wiring harness and computers
I ran it with my compute tester...
I cut a ton of wires off
I had no codes and the instrument cluster gauges worked good
I am not gonna use it but Im not removing those connections
the instrument panel will be a blue tooth adapters to a 10 tablet running the torque pro or torque light

this is my other weekend driver other than the jeep

we had snow for a change



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Are you going to install an IFS in the front ? Will it also be from the Thunderbird ? The T-Bird IRS & the Cougar IRS are popular with the Miata engine swap crowd. I also belong to that forum , my avatar is one of my projects. It has an RX8 differential with RX7 gears. I am enjoying the things you are doing to your project.
lord no to the t bird front irs...... im using RPM 4" drop tube front axle kit with single spring from side to side and the 27 radius rods
look at the first 2 pics on this page... the front axle setup is attached to the wood frame I was using as a mock up.

I hope in may ill go get my body frame metal.... and start building the body.
the body frame will be 1* 1 1/2" 16 gauge rectangular tubing with some 1" square 16 gauge and 1" round 16 gauge

I plan on building a temporary front spring perch so I can get the correct frame to ground distance....
with the tires I plan on using... .my frame will be about 6 inches from the ground with no rake
Whatever is closest to the ground is the only thing that matters , 6" is pretty close ,5" is about minimum if you're gonna drive it. ...
I building it so I can raise the frame higher if need be
my mustang is about 6 at the cats and wife's dodge is 6
dad's care is 5.5
nothing is below the frame

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