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27 T something

Way to go, Scott! Glad to hear you're making progress. Love pictures, when you can . . . :thumbsup::geek:
Looks like you're making real progress, Scott! :thumbsup: Where'd you get the idea for the V-1 "buzz bomb" radiator topper?
Also, will you cover the metalwork with fiberglass or some other material? o_O
i was thinking about buying something.... did not like anything
then i looking at internet and found some planes but did not like the size.
i thought about building a p51 or spitfire.
everything i thought of was way to completed to make it look real
but i dont think i could have made a plane that looked that close.
so rounded a shaft and cut some wings. easy but along time to build even that
its no ground down its finished shape on wings.
easy sand body filler for the rocket and paint.

im gonna cut a army 63bravo bomb(just the bomb) for the front of the radiator shroud.
i was a light wheel vehicle mechanic upload_2022-6-25_12-39-59.jpeg

the v1 is going to get finished

i will have a 18" by 40" side in the bed that im putting a ww2 mural.
us flag with, bb, sherman, huey, destroyer, normandy, p51 and b17 faded over the flag
well its been slow cause ive been looking for 1 wire for the o/d button finally found it.
i had to verify the a/c operational part of my cooling fan.... found that
now the cooling fan comes on at 214 with a/c on and cooling fan comes on at 214 with a/c off yeah
i put my horn on and took it off no pic 18 wheeler horn,
i did my front spring perch and put it on
built a front spring perch cover
built my front amber parking and turn lights out of a old small twin air compressor pistons
reverse light was installed under the IRS on the
built a 3rd brake light from 1 1/2*1 inch rectangular tubing and used those 1 inch lights like the pic above and below
im working on my front shock mounts with headlights
not finished welding it together
started and stopped on my engine cover
i made my 63-BRAVO ARMY bomb and put it in my parts bin
it will be built using part of the old t bird hood... only have 1 shot at making it work
i bought tires and put the wheels on.
i pushed it out of the shop no steering column in but is ready i did not want it in my way
it does run
put on new water pump.... old one ws leaking too much
the truck is 13' 8" long






Let me correct myself: the LENGTH of your car is 164", the wheelbase will be somewhat less. Still, that's gonna fill up a parking space!
Spanky you were right the first time. The wheel base is indeed is around 161”! I haven’t settled on the exact length yet. I want the fuel tank and radiator in the bed so to make room I will be making it a little longer. I think I want to have the back wheel about where it usually is with respect to the seating but I don’t want a lot of bed sticking out behind the tire. I changed the rear kick up to lower the rear. When I get back to work I will temporarily make it a roller so I can push it out in the driveway and slide the rear end around until I like the proportions.
One of my hot rod buddies enjoys building his cars from scratch also. Here is one of them. I have driven this pickup and must
say it rides like a large car and handles like a sports car.

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