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Axle Questions


I made a trade for a '57 Chevy rear axle that is 60" from hub to hub. I went to try a wheel on it, no fit. Tape measure the studs and it is a 4 1/2" bolt circle. Pop the drums off, no evidence of being reworked. Look at the axle flanges, same deal. If someone had changed the bolt pattern they did a very clean job of it. But, did GM ever use the ford/mopar pattern? The drop out 3rd member says GM and it looks like the one in my first roadster.
That 60 inch flange to flange seems a little wide to me, are you sure it is a 57 Chevy CAR rear axle? Doing this from memory I sort of remember these as being more like 56-57 inches.

Get yourself one of those red $ 5.00 wheel bolt pattern checkers, they make it so much easier to determine what you have.

According to the chart on axle widths I have Chevy cars from 1955 to 1964 had a 60" width. I can't tell you anything about the bolt pattern. I'll email the chart to you.
todd the problem might be with those early chevy wheels. see if a late wheel will fit.

According to the wheel checker sites, I think I'm right, but could still be wrong. The first wheel I tried was off an aluminum chevy astro van, didn't seem close. Second wheel I tried was a ford ranger, very close but not quite. Third one measured the same as one with a ford stamp, fits. I haven't even tried the early (52 chevy) wheel yet. That will be this afternoon.
Todddddddddddd, are you sure thats a Chevalay ??? Sounds like yur awfull close to an 8" Furd...They've been mistaken before.. :eek: "BH"
ok todd ...time for pics!!!!!

those '52 rims might have a different size center hole. bet you thought this was going to be a lot easier, didn't ya??

I was given one of those when I started my collection of parts. He tried to tell me it was a Ford 9". Front load like a 9", but a Big old "GM "on it! Go figure! It too is 60", they were used 55-64 chevy. I believe they are 17 spline.
OK, Never trust what you know. The rim that I tried to use from the astro van was a 5 on 5. I re-measured according to the sites Jim provided and it is a 4 3/4. Know I know the proper way to measure bolt circle, even though it seems wrong. Also tried one of the '52 wheels, it fits.
Don't worry BH, I got Youngster close by for the finesse work.
You can say that again, as far as thin skined, everything I weld to a Chevy Rearend housing, I make a two piece bracket, so it joins and welds all the way around, and on HD appts, I first weld a 3/16th strap all the way around, stagger skip welded, then weld my RR brackets to that, had way too many rip right out of those Chevy housings otherwise... gotta get ahold of a lot of material.. hehe :)
Re: Axle Questions / rear end questions

Ok i can get ahold of a jeep 95 96 model series with disk brake setup which i am wanting to run. I need to know if there is a way to see if this rear end is capable of running chevy rims? Since jeep and AMC are a hodge podge of all the auto makers.
I wish i had more knowledge about what i am about to start building. But i dont and thats why i ask all these (dumb) questions.
Thanks to all Vince
Jeffery, Jeep is usually the ford bolt pattern.
Jeffery a dumb question is asking what size wheel after the rearend is installed. Your still good!!!!
Darn i wanted to keep everything chevy wheels and not ford ones, guess i will see if i can trade it off for another one with disc brakes a a chevy bolt patern.Thanks Guys
There are companies that make bisexual axles that are drilled for either bolt pattern.
Or look for a newer camaro rear with disc brakes.

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